Sheri Gee

Sheri Gee has been developing her art practice for the last 20 years, alongside a busy career in publishing and raising a family. Her work is usually rooted in the figurative and portraiture, having spent many years experimenting with different materials and mediums at life drawing sessions.

Sheri is completely captivated by people, absorbed by portraits and the figure, whether for her own enjoyment or for private commission. She likes to creatively capture a likeness in loose marks and vibrant colour rather than try for a photographic smoothness, but regardless, the end result should be an accurate observation, created with painterly expressive marks. In life drawing, she also loves to explore mark making – building up my drawing with a complex pattern of marks and varied line.

Sheri sometimes varies her subject matter, having painted series’ of landscapes, city commute scenes, equestrian art and even seed packet still life studies, but people remain her true obsession. In 2018 Sheri was selected as one of 21 finalists in the Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painter Prize and also selected to exhibit in the Society of Women Artists 157th Annual Exhibition.
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