Beautifully Connected

Congratulations to Jackie Watkins whose work, First Call,  has been selected for the prestigious ING Discerning Eye Exhibition at Mall Galleries, London.
The Discerning Eye focuses on smaller works and Jackie will be showing this delicate copper wire telephone, inspired by a telephone in East Grinstead Museum.
‘I was drawn to the phone as it was identical to our very first home landline and it really hit home how much technology has evolved, how much that has reshaped our lives, delivering so much information on the go,’ she says.
While Jackie often works in copper wire, here the material has a special resonance – copper wire being such a fundamental element of the old telephone system.
Sponsored by ING Commercial Banking, works for the Discerning Eye are independently selected by six prominent figures from the art world: two artists, two collectors and two critics.
The exhibition runs 15 to 25 November. See the gallery website for full details.